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About Us

Why did we start LED Home Growing?

We created LED Home Growing to bring Certified and Trusted Grow Light brands to the Canadian market. 

How to Contact a REAL person from Canada?

We are available 7am-7pm Mon-Sun @ 647-637-0242 (GTA)

Who are we?

Based out of Toronto, Ontario we look forward to providing a valuable service to our local area and national customers. Having in-house repair, troubleshoot and wiring services, we cover all our customers potential lighting needs

As an Electrician, I have been working with LEDs for many years and have seen my fair share of faulty equipment and components. The LED market and LED Grow market is full of Non Certified fixtures. I am very passionate about promoting safety in the work place.

Canadian Electrical Code C22.1-02, Nineteenth Edition (Canadian Standards Association)
- All electrical products sold, displayed or connected to a source of power shall be approved by a recognized certification agency in Canada.

Non Certified fixtures are being imported illegally into Canada via major online retailers, my competition and bargain sites. For the sake of profit, safety is being thrown out the window.


What do we practice?

Every fixture purchased through LEDHomeGrowing is certified for use in the Canadian and US markets. 

Every fixture is of high quality, tested for light output and sold with support from the manufacturer and us.

Give us a chance to show you what a complete LED grow light service can be.