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What happens when I make a purchase?

Our Brands

Our brands from all over North America have 100s of years of combined knowledge on designing, testing, building, failing and ultimately succeeding in the horticulture LED market. 

At LED Home Growing we work to bring you the very best of these brands, continually increasing your options. Not just any option passes through though.


Certifications are a MUST

ETL, UL or CSA certifications are required on all electrical devices in Canada and it is illegal to use any grow light, tube or bulb without one of these designations.

(FCC, CS and ROHS are NOT acceptable alternatives in Canada and US. There is no gray area.)


LED Home

Purchasing from us ensures you are receiving a legal, high quality and valuable grow light. Most importantly you have protected yourself, your family and community. Electrical safety is incredibly important and here at LED Home Growing, it's at our core.


Your Order 

Sales works with our in house stock and suppliers to source the best possible version of each grow light. Our streamlined approach means less chances of errors and quicker delivery times. We know you're excited and we are too! It's one more chance for us to show what we do best.


We handle the Shipping

While you get your growing spot ready for your latest addition, your product has been selected and is now traveling to your destination. No matter what happens along the way, we are there to provide direction. You will not have to take a moment of your time until you're asked for your security signature when the package arrives. 


We handle the Support

You've just turned on your grow light. Your pots and seeds and plants are in place. It's easy to forget your purchase comes with years of support!

1)Warranties from our manufacturers. 

2)Free in-house troubleshooting for the life of the product.

3)90 Day Return Policy 

You will get the support you need, if you ever need it.


Note from the Owner:

The last growing experience my family and I had was choosing some of our favorite herbs and small vegetables to grow together. The sense of accomplishment and enjoyment of our efforts was wonderful. I work hard to offer moments like this to my customers. Give us the chance to make your first or next project with LED grow lights a positive one.

 Brett L.