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Amare Technology SolarEclipse 300
Amare Technology SolarEclipse 300
Amare Technology SolarEclipse 300

Amare Technology SolarEclipse 300

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SolarECLIPSE™ with COB HI-LED+UV-B The most stunningly powerful SolarSPEC™ Panel yet. Precision and innovation have always been a part of the AMARE Technology™ design philosophy. Bringing COB High Intensity-LED technology to theSolarECLIPSE™ program was no different. It meant making incredible leaps in design at every level — from re-engineering the patent-pending reflector-lens array of the Advanced Secondary Optics to optimizing spectral tolerances within the PAR range. Not to mention fitting an ​Ultra–Violet Bsupplemental fixture — and HI-LEDs with the power supplies to drive them — into a single Grow-Light panel. All while maintaining higher intensities and lower operating temperatures.


Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 3.15"


LED (COB): 4 x CREE CXB3070-0000- 000N0HBB35G


LED (monochrome): 40 x  (CREE XPGDWT-01-0000-00M50), (XPEBRD-L1-0000-00901) and (XPEBBL-L1-0000-00301)


Actual wattage: ~300w

Line voltage: 85-265V AC

Amperage: 2,73A@110v, 1.36A@220v @50-60HZ

Output voltage: Stand UL output voltage - Less than 76V DC


Product includes: Fixture, power cords, heavy-duty ratchet hangers and adjustable H-brackets to attach the panels together for increase coverage.


Daisy-chain: yes


Construction and finish: Precision laser cut aluminum housing with gloss white powder-coat finish.


Coverage:  3' x 3'@20" (no lenses), @32" (with lenses)