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Spectrum King SK600 LED Grow Light
Spectrum King SK600 LED Grow Light
Spectrum King SK600 LED Grow Light
Spectrum King SK600 LED Grow Light
Spectrum King SK600 LED Grow Light

Spectrum King SK600 LED Grow Light

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650 Watt Patent Pending Full Spectrum LED Grow Light made in the USA. Replaces 1000W-1200W Dual-Ended Bulbs (both MH HPS).
Can be used for both vegetative and FLOWER growth.
Nationwide compliant
The SK600 LED Grow Light coverage area: 25 sq ft in flower ( 5×5 ft ) and over 64 sq ft in veg ( 8×8 ft). More Square Feet of Coverage  than any other LED Grow Light in the market with proven results.
Safety Certified and IP65 Rated. With a rugged waterproof housing designed specially, The SK600 LED Grow Light fit for use in wet and humid conditions.
82% Brighter than 400+ with only 34% more watts consumed
Produces less heat than most competitors.
Saves over 43.5% on energy when compared to dual-ended 1000-1200 Watt HPS bulbs!
Comes with Dual Warranty: Spectrum King SK600 LED Grow Light is guaranteed to maintain 90% or better light output for 3 YEARS with regular use plus a 5 YEAR Mechanical warranty on all parts and labor.

Comes with or without reflector.

You can choose to add a manual dimmer which enables turning the power down to as low as 10% power for more control when needed.

Spectrum King is the only company to guarantee light performance over lifetime with 3rd party certified data.


  • Full-spectrum 640 Watt LED light made in the USA
  • 92% Efficiency!
  • Uses just 40% More Power than 400+ Series
  • Give you 82% More Light than 400+ Series
  • New 7” Low Profile housing
  • Rugged waterproof housing designed for wet and humid environments
  • Safe for outdoor use
  • Extra efficient heatsinks lower overall ambient room temperature.
  • Same light intensity as a 1000-Watt dual-ended high pressure sodium bulb
  • Nine-foot power cord and two large eyehooks for hanging included.
  • Brightest LED lighting fixture in the market today
  • Great for supplemental greenhouse lighting
  • Cool up to 6 Sk600’s with just 1 ton of AC!


Item Number – SK600
Light Source – LED

Input Voltage – 110-240VAC (480 VAC Available Upon Special Order)
Frequency Range – 50~60Hz
Power Consumption – 640W
Amperage Draw – @ 110V – 5.3 A @240V – 2.9 A

Recommended Cooling BTUs – 2,200
Ideal Replacement – 1150 DE Lamps

Light Beam Angle – 120 or 90 Degree available
Body Lens – Glass
Body Case Material – Die Cast Aluminum
Product Size – 10″W x 7″H x 21″D (120° Reflector)
Product Weight – 9.2 kg (20 lbs)

Suitable Distance Over Canopy 120 Degree – Veg: 48” to 60” Flower: 24” to 36”
Coverage Area Veg – Up to 8’ x 8’
Coverage Area Flower – Up to 5’ x 5’